Friday, December 2, 2011

Baby Shower Candy Bar Wrappers

A few weeks ago I gave out the cutest save the date invitation for a party I was having- they were baby shower candy bar wrappers. How cute right?! I got a chance to give out these candies and wrappers to my nearest and dearest family members and girlfriends so we could celebrate the coming arrival of my first baby. It was a celebration that I will remember for my entire life.

I found the greatest theme for the party- an underwater theme. I love the sea, sailing and of course the beach so it was only appropriate that we called the party “Ahoy May-tee.” It was amazing. I even found adorable baby shower candy wrappers that had a mommy whale and baby whale on them to match the theme, which was also accompanied by my favorite movie of all time- The Little Mermaid. The movie was on in the background for the entire party. My personalized custom made wrappers were wrapped around Hershey’s Bars, which also are my favorite chocolate bar of all time. They are delicious.

We played some baby shower games that were geared towards the theme, so of course when we were playing charades both Titanic and Water World were both answers to titles and Aqua’s song Barbie Girl was sung at the top of our lungs. The ladies had some fun drinks all with a blue hue to them thanks to some food coloring and then we decided to open up the baby shower presents.

My girls were amazing and they kept telling me how they were amazed by the baby shower candy bar wrappers, with the party information on it. I was so happy with how everything went at the party and enjoyed that they enjoyed it with me. I decided to surprise my guests again and made candy bars with a wrap that said “Thank you for making this day so special. Love you,” for all of the guests! I think they liked there gifts. I know I enjoyed there celebrating with me at my first baby shower. It was an amazing experience that will be etched into my memories for all time.